Made in Berlin: 11 top Berlin shops for local gifts and products (2023)

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Made in Berlin: 11 top Berlin shops for local gifts and products (1)

Berlin is a city with a unique character – one you might start missing after a little while. If you’re hankering after a trip to Berlin, or someone you know is, then it’s a great time to treat yourself or buy a gift from a Berlin shop. Pick up tasty treats, find the perfect piece to wear, or spruce up your home with stylish homeware – all made in Berlin. You can even sample the nightlife from afar. With eco-friendly delivery and click and collect options, online shopping can be sustainable, too.

Tip: You can also find great souvenirs from the capital at the Berlin Tourist Info Centers (BTI). Currently, the BTIs are open at the main train station, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and at Berlin Brandenburg BER Airport, daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tip 1: Discover the perfect scent from the city at Frau Tonis Parfum

Frau Tonis Parfum is a perfume business creating bespoke scents in the heart of Berlin. Founder Stefanie Janssen named the company after her beloved grandmother, Toni-Luise, a perfume aficionado – and her spirit infuses the company’s unique unisex products. The city of Berlin has inspired some of the company’s signature scents, such as Pure Violet, inspired by iconic Berliner Marlene Dietrich. Do the quiz online to find which scents are right for you, order samples to try at home, choose your favourite scent, and have it delivered to your door – it’s that simple.

Where: Zimmerstraße 13, Kreuzberg

When: Mon – Fri, 10 am – 6 pm

Frau Tonis

Tip 2: Wear a Berlin keepsake from TomShot

TomShot founder Thomas Schwender originally began designing jewellery back in the late 1990s to fund his training as an opera singer. Then his creations started winning rave reviews. His 12-strong team now make magnificent pieces in their workshop in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Their stylish designs make the perfect Berlin souvenirs – a stunning piece of the city to adorn your neck, ear or wrist. Choose a favourite for yourself or send one to a friend who’d love to be in Berlin.

Where: Sredzkistraße 56, Prenzlauer Berg

When: Mon – Fri 11 am – 7 pm, Sat 11 am – 6 pm

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Tom Shot

Tip 3: Find a porcelain gift with tradition at KPM

A city institution dating back centuries, porcelain manufacturer KPM Berlin looks back on a long tradition spanning 255 years of producing incredible porcelain. Its sleek and elegant tableware, vases and other products combine contemporary simplicity with a nod to its past. You can purchase pieces of its illustrious history as Berlin souvenirs or gifts online, or from one of its Berlin shops.

Where: Various stores in Berlin, including a flagship store at Wegelystraße 1, Charlottenburg

When: Opening times vary – see individual stores for more information


Tip 4: Enjoy exclusive Berlin nightlife from your sofa with Berghain

Berlin is a city with nightlife like no other – and Berghain is its most iconic example. If you can’t get sweaty with hundreds of other revellers inside its hallowed walls – or you quite simply haven’t passed the famously stringent door policy – then picking up some merch is the next best thing. The online shop stocks striking branded clothing and techno records from the club’s own label for you to spin at home. Enjoy a heady night of Berghain – without the hangover.

Where: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain

When: Order online anytime

Berghain online shop

Tip 5: Sample the city’s eclectic fashion flavour from Iala Berlin

If you’re looking for fabulous fashion from Berlin, look no further than lala. The label’s founder, Iranian-born designer Leyla Piedayesh, migrated to Germany with her family in 1979, and has gone on to become one of the country’s top designers. Based in Berlin with a global reach, her brand encapsulates the city’s international flavour. Pick up one of its distinctive pieces for style inspired by the city.

Where: Various stockists; flagship store at Alte Schönhauser Straße 3, Mitte

When: Mon – Sat, 11 am – 7 pm

lala Berlin

Tip 6: Pick up tasty treats and gifts from the city at Ick bin Berliner

Owner Michael Ruf is proud to call himself a Berliner – and the owner of this hub for all things Berlin in the city. His shop stocks everything from Berlin craft beer classics and punchy sauces to delicious coffee and chocolate – all great flavour, made in Berlin. Stop by or order online to enjoy an authentic taste of the city.

Where: One store in the Nikolaiviertel and one on Unter den Linden

When: Opening hours may vary – call for more information: +49 (0)176 21310590

Ick bin Berliner

Tip 7: Sample Berlin coffee culture at home with beans from The Barn

You don’t have to be in Berlin to enjoy delicious coffee from some of the city’s finest roasters. The Barn has everything you need to make a great brew at its Berlin shops and online – from coffee beans to specialist equipment – with a focus on great quality and sustainability. The company delivers internationally, so you can treat yourself or send a friend the best of Berlin coffee anywhere in the world. You can also order a monthly coffee subscription, so you’ve always got beans from Berlin in the bag.

Where: Schönhauser Allee 8, Prenzlauer Berg; Auguststraße 58, Mitte; Weinbergsweg 1, Mitte; Friedelstraße 27, Neukölln; Invalidenstraße 112, Mitte; Neue Schönhauser Straße, Mitte; Alte Potsdamer Straße 5, Mitte; Bellevuestraße 1, Mitte; Kurfürstendamm 18, Charlottenburg; Voltastraße 28, Spandau

When: Opening hours vary – see individual stores for more information

The Barn

Tip 8: Design your home storage system made in Berlin with stocubo

Berlin is a city known for its effortless cool – but keeping your home looking good takes work. It’s easier with the right storage, of course. The innovative and sustainable modular shelving system from stocubo – based in Berlin’s Wedding district – lets you mimic the city’s minimalist style in your own home. Use the online tool to create your design, design a trial package to test it out, and order your very own storage system, made in Berlin.

Where: Exerzierstrasse 14, Wedding

When: Mon – Fri, 9 am – 6 pm


Tip 9: Find a perfect perch for your pets at CAT-ON

Cats love to scratch – but scraped furniture and ragged scratching posts hardly spell style. CAT-ON changes that. With its innovative, minimalist designs, this Berlin brand is cool for cats, and their owners, too. All its products are individually handmade in the capital. Pick up a quirky design inspired by David Bowie, Kraftwerk or the Berlin skyline for a piece that’s sure to remind you and your furry friends of your favourite city.

Where: Geneststraße 5, Schöneberg

When: Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5 pm

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Tip 10: Feast on a Berlin foodie favourite with blood sausage from Blutwurstmanufaktur

Berlin is a city at the cutting edge, but it has its traditions, too – and blood sausage is one of them. You can find some of Berlin’s finest blood sausage at Blutwurstmanufaktur, a butcher that’s been making all kinds of sausage specialities for over a century. It’s currently run by Marcus Benser, who’s such an expert in all things Blutwurst he’s even been named a Knight of the Blood Sausage for his services to this tasty treat. Stop by the shop or order online to get your fix – or send a special Berlin-themed gift set to someone you know who misses the city.

Where: Karl-Marx-Platz 9–11, Neukölln

When: Mon – Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 8 am – 1 pm


Tip 11: Bring home a Berlin icon from Ampelmann

Anyone who’s ever been to Berlin knows the Ampelmann: the little guy in the traditional hat who appears on the pedestrian traffic lights in the city’s East. Now a beloved figure, he wasn’t always quite so popular. Following the reunification of Germany and the divided city of Berlin itself, the distinctive traffic lights were in danger of being dismantled and disappearing forever. That’s when product designer Markus Heckhausen stepped in. He began rescuing old traffic lights and turning them into lamps. By showing him in a different light, he saved the Ampelmann from obscurity. Now, Heckhausen runs the Ampelmann chain, a series of shops producing all kinds of weird and wonderful products featuring this quirky little chap: everything from T-shirts and cookie cutters to keyrings and face masks – and yes, even underpants. Take this iconic Berlin figure home with you in one of its many forms.

Where: Flagship store on Unter den Linden 35, Mitte; Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 5, Mitte; Markgrafenstraße 37, Mitte; Rosenthaler Straße 40–41, Mitte; Europaplatz 1, Mitte; Kurfürstendamm 20, Charlottenburg

When: Opening times vary – see individual stores for information


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What products are Berlin famous for? ›

Top10 List: Products Made in Berlin
  • Rank 1: ElektroCouture. 4.65 of 5 Top10Points. ...
  • Rank 2: Knalle Popkornditorei. 4.41 of 5 Top10Points. ...
  • Rank 3: MYKITA Glasses. 4.40 of 5 Top10Points. ...
  • Rank 4: Süssmädchen. 4.33 of 5 Top10Points. ...
  • Rank 5: Lilienthal Watches. ...
  • Rank 6: Mabba Bags. ...
  • Rank 7: Abyme Vodka. ...
  • Rank 8: Berlin Dressing.

What should I buy back from Berlin? ›

Berlin Mementos: 18 Souvenir Shopping Ideas for Travelers
  • Chocolate Covered Lebkuchen. Image Courtesy of: Pedelecs. ...
  • S. Wert Design. ...
  • Blutwurst. Berliner's love their blutwurst (blood sausage). ...
  • Berlin Belts. Berlin's nothing if not hip. ...
  • Frau Toni's Perfumes. ...
  • Ein Berliner. ...
  • Berlin Buddy Bear. ...
  • Königliche Porzellan Vases.

What is Berlin known for shopping? ›

Often dubbed the “Champs-Élysées of Berlin”, Kurfürstendamm is the most famous shopping street in the city. While meandering through this prestigious commercial boulevard, you'll come across a wealth of designer fashion boutiques, like Armani, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent.

What is a traditional German gift? ›

All the wonderful nutcrackers, incense smokers (smokermen), wooden Christmas Schwibbogen (Light Arch, Candle Arch) and wooden music boxes that come from the Erzgebirge have brought fun and joy to lovers of Original German gifts.

What is the best selling item in Germany? ›

Top selling products in Germany
  • Apparels.
  • Electronic gadgets & accessories.
  • Kitchen & Home Essentials.
  • Shoes.
  • Books.
  • Athleisure.
  • Video games & Toys.
  • Home Decor.
Sep 28, 2022

What is worth buying in Germany? ›

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Germany
  • Christmas ornaments. Germany basically invented the traditional British Christmas (thanks, Queen Victoria!) ...
  • A bit of the Berlin Wall. ...
  • Ampelmännchen. ...
  • Beer steins. ...
  • Sauerkraut juice. ...
  • Feuerzangebowle set. ...
  • Dirndl and/or lederhosen. ...
  • Furniture.

What is the 2 main product of Germany? ›

The main German export product: motor vehicles

Accounting for 15.3% motor vehicles and parts thereof of exports, was Germany's main export product in 2021. Machinery (14.2%) and chemical products (10.0%) ranked second and third, respectively, among the most important export items.

What is famous product in Germany? ›

Bread. Bread is a huge part of German culture. Every region in the country has its own type of bread that's made with different techniques and ingredients - typically lighter breads come from the south, and dark, heavy breads are baked in the north. In total, there are over 300 different styles of bread in Germany!

Where do locals shop in Berlin? ›

10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Berlin
  • Mall of Berlin.
  • Kurfürstendamm.
  • Hackesche Höfe.
  • Potsdamer Platz Arkaden.
  • Boxhagener Platz Market.
  • Arkonaplatz Flea Market.
  • Markthalle Neun.
  • Neukölln.

What clothing is Germany known for? ›

In the case of traditional outfits for men in Germany, the most well-known item of clothing is the Lederhosen. Lederhosen, literally translating to “leather trousers”, refers to trousers that were traditionally made out of tanned deer leather.

What brands are in Berlin? ›

7 Best Fashion Companies Based In Berlin, Germany
  • IVY & OAK. Category: Basics, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, underwear, maternity, bridal, accessories. ...
  • ManduTrap. Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, activewear, outerwear, accessories. ...
  • Embassy of Bricks and Logs. ...
  • Anekdot. ...
  • Rotholz. ...
  • Jil Sander. ...
  • Zalando.

What are 3 things Germans are known for? ›

In our video, you can find out all about the most famous features of German culture, like beer, castles, soccer, and much more!
  • German Beer. ...
  • Baking Bread. ...
  • German Castles. ...
  • German Cars & Autobahn. ...
  • German Festivals. ...
  • German Football. ...
  • Famous Germans.

What are some German taboos? ›

10 weird taboos you should never break in Germany
  • Forgetting to make eye contact.
  • Wishing someone happy birthday before the big day.
  • Expecting a cake.
  • Wearing your swimming costume or trunks in the sauna.
  • Walking in the cycling lane.
  • Being too loud on a Sunday.
  • Not taking your holiday.
  • Addressing people by their first name.
Sep 6, 2019

What is something unique to Germany? ›

There are over 2100 castles in Germany. There are over 1,500 different beers in Germany. Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe. Covering an area of 137,847 square miles, of which 34,836 square miles is covered by land and 3,011 square miles contains water.

What dessert is Berlin known for? ›

Traditionally, Berlin is famous for a dessert called “Berliner Luft” (= berlin air), which is just a combination of three layers of colourful jelly. Very popular is also “Kalter Hund” (= cold dog), a dessert made from chocolate cream and plain biscuits.

What is the most popular clothing in Germany? ›

Germans love to dress stylishly. Clothes in dark or neutral colors are always a great choice when packing for Germany. Jeans are very popular, but they are always smart and clean, rather than distressed or ripped styles.

What is the #1 sold item in the world? ›

The most sold item in the world is clothing and fashion items. This ranges from women and men's outfits to children's clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

What is the most popular brand in Germany? ›

The BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable German Brands 2020
Rank 2020BrandCategory
2Deutsche TelekomTelecom Providers
6 more rows

What is Germany famous for product? ›

Here are 10 surprising products that Germany is famous for:

Christmas trees. Jeans. Bicycles. Record players and records.

What type of products is Germany is famous for? ›

Bread & Sausages

Germans are well known for their long tradition of baking bread, and its taste and way of cooking changes from one part of Germany to the other. There are a lot of different types of bread, loaves and rolls, dark, white, sweet, soft, plain, with different seeds and taste.

What is the main industry in Berlin? ›

The economy of Berlin is dominated by the service sector, with around 84% of all companies doing business in services.

What is Berlin known for in fashion? ›

Black or bunt (colorful) “Berliners wear black.” That's what conventional wisdom on the city's fashion sense will tell you. Upon arriving in the city though, you will find that this is scarcely true even in the dead of winter, when a big woolen overcoat is the only way to survive on Berlin's icy streets.

Which brand is famous in Germany? ›

Well-known international brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SAP, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Adidas, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank and Bosch. Germany is recognised for its large portion of specialised small and medium enterprises, known as the Mittelstand model.


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