Maine DMR Online Licensing System Frequently Asked Questions (2022)

Why does the Online Licensing System indicate that I am not eligible?

  • If it is a resident license and you are not a resident you will be ineligible
  • You owe landings reports, or are under suspension
  • It is a limited entry license that required you to hold this license in the previous year.
  • You have multiple licenses with the same license number (contact DMR's Licensing Division at (207) 624-6550)

Can I put in my Landings Number and Password once I click on the LEEDS Link?

  • No. You must select "Create a Login" and fill in your personal information, along with your Social Security number or Federal Identification number, along with a password that is 8 characters long, and includes one Capital letter and one number. This will then generate an email returning your Landings number. You can then go in and enter your Landings number and the password that you have just created. Please watch the video on "How to create a Login"?

Why do I not have any licenses to renew after I created a log in?

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  • You may have created a second Landings Number - and there are no licenses associated with that Landings Number, and you will need to contact the Licensing Division to correct that.
  • You may owe reports or are under suspension

Can I change my Social Security Number (SS#) or the Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN #) or my Date of Birth once it has been entered if I make a mistake?

  • No. You will not be able to change your Date of birth, SS# or FEIN# once it has been entered. If you have made an error while entering - please contact the Licensing Division.

Boat Information for lobster license holders:

What if my boat does not have a current federal permit, but I am in the process of obtaining a federal permit?

  • You must upload or fax your application for obtaining a federal permit information to the Licensing Division to review.

Can I order tags if I have made application to NMFS to obtain a federal permit, or am in the process of documenting my vessel?

  • Yes, but proof of application to obtain a federal permit will be required. The same if you are obtaining a documented vessel that is not yet in your name

Can I order EEZ tags if my federal permit is not up to date?

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  • No. You must have a current federal permit in order to obtain federal (EEZ) tags. LEEDS verifies this information with NMFS permit database.

Why is permit status important?

  • The permit and vessel number are verified through National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Permit Database, and US Coast Guard (USCG) Documentation Database, so if your federal permit number does not match up with the vessel you have provided in LEEDS, you will receive NON FEDERAL tags. If your tags are ordered incorrectly for this reason, you will be responsible for the cost of the reissuance of tags with the EEZ designation. If you have changed the vessel attached to your federal permit, and are entering your vessel information into LEEDS, please confirm that the "LOB PERMIT STATUS" shows as EEZ and not NON. If it is incorrect, you must contact DMR Licensing Division within 24 hours of renewing online, as tags are ordered the next business day. If you do not notify us, and your tags are ordered incorrectly due to a change in your vessel that has not been processed by NMFS and/or USCG, you will be responsible for the cost of the reissuance of tags with the EEZ designation. The cost will be $0.10 per tag.

    Maine DMR Online Licensing System Frequently Asked Questions (1)

    (If you have changed the vessel attached to your federal permit, please confirm that your LOB PERMIT STATUS is not NON, but instead is EEZ)

What if my boat is not currently registered and/or documented with MOSES or NMFS documentation office?

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  • Your license will PEND until the Licensing Division can verify boat ownership. You will not be considered licensed.

What if I am not the boat owner?

  • You can indicate that you are not, and go through the flow to indicate someone else owns the boat but you must indicate the following:
    1. You have permission and the owner will be present on the boat while fishing
    2. You are a family member

What if I am double tagging with another person?

  • If you are not over the Zone limit, and you have provided the landings number of the individual you will be double tagging with or you meet the family member exemption information that is required, your license may need to be reviewed before being issued.
  • If you will be over the boat limit for that Zone, you will need to contact the Licensing Division (207-624-6550) and provide them with the boat owner's name, landings number of the boat owner, and the number of tags you will be fishing off that boat.


Will all my facility locations show up when I renew my license?

  • No. Facility locations will not be listed if you are renewing a license that requires a facility be listed. You will need to click on the "ADD" button to add all facilities that you are licensing.

Will all my vehicle information show up when I renew my license?

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  • Yes. Vehicle information will be listed under the "Select" button, if that vehicle was listed in the prior year. If, however, you are not obtaining all your vehicles at once, you may not see all the vehicles listed in the drop down, so you may need to add that vehicle. If the vehicle is not listed, you will need to click on "ADD," and put in all the required information for that vehicle within the appropriate fields.

Can I pay with Canadian Funds?

  • No. All payments are to be made with US Dollars ONLY.

Can I pay with a check?

  • Yes - as long as your Financial Institution allows for electronic funds transfers (EFT). If it does not, and we process your application, and the check is returned due to not allowing an EFT you will be charged a $20 returned check fee and your license will be voided.

What happens if my SS# or FEIN# has changed on my Dealer application?

  • You will be issued a new Landings Number - as this is deemed new ownership. If, however, you are going from the owner's SS# and have become incorporated, and issued a FEIN#, and the ownership has not changed, please contact the Licensing Division so that it can be changed in the system before processing the license.

What do I need if I am buying directly from harvester?

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  • You must select the primary buyer permit (PBP).

What is required to obtain a Shellfish Transportation License or Supplemental?

  • You must provide the Department with the Shellfish Certification Number you were issued from Maine OR another State. The license will NOT be issued if you do not put that certification number in.

What is an Enhanced Retail license and who needs it?

  • State law requires harvesters to sell shellfish (clams, mussels, oysters, and mahogany quahogs) only to certified shellfish dealers. This does not include restaurants, convenience stores, etc. The exception to that law is when a Retail Seafood license holder wants to buy shellfish directly from a harvester then they must have an Enhanced Retail license. The Enhanced license is for an establishment that sells at a retail level only and does not include wholesale sales. So, to sum things up, if you are a retail business that wants to buy shellfish from a certified dealer, you only need the Retail Seafood license. If you are a retail business that wants to buy shellfish directly from a harvester, then you need an Enhanced Retail license.

Do I need to pay for my sanitation certificate and what's the difference between my Shellfish Sanitation Certificate and my Wholesale Seafood license?

  • The Wholesale Seafood license is your legal right to operate and does not require an inspection. If you deal with clams, mussels, or oysters you need an additional Shellfish Sanitation Certificate. This certificate involves a facility inspection and it's all about safe food handling practices. Starting with the 2018 certification year there will now be a fee for Shellfish Sanitation Certificates. Please see your application form for the fees charged for your type of certificate or permit.


How long does it take to get a lobster license in Maine? ›

Maine has about 4,600 licensed lobstermen who haul an estimated 2 million to 3 million traps. Last year's record catch of 104 million pounds was worth $331 million to fishermen. To get a license now, would-be lobstermen have to complete a lobster fishing apprentice program that takes at least two years.

Can you fish in Maine without a license? ›

A valid Maine fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older, to fish in inland waters or transport fish taken from inland waters.

How many lobster licenses are there in Maine? ›

Currently, over 7,000 individuals hold lobster licenses in Maine, not all of them are used every year but as one of the most valuable fisheries in the world, many want to make sure they can continue to have access to this industry.

Do you need a license to fish in salt water in Maine? ›

Requirements. A person is required to Register with the state of Maine annually in order to engage in recreational saltwater fishing unless that person meets one of the following exemptions.

Can you haul lobster traps on Sunday in Maine? ›

Lobster fishing is permissible on Sundays from Sept. 1 until May 31, both days inclusive. It is legal to haul lobster traps at any time from Nov. 1 to May 31; it also is legal to set lobster traps at any time throughout the year.

How many lobster traps can I have in Maine? ›

Non commercial lobster related activity

At the same time, non-commercial license holders cannot submerge over 5 traps for lobsters at any given time in the coastal waters of Maine; the total traps of five include traps for crabs.

Is night fishing legal in Maine? ›

Night Fishing: Except as otherwise provided by rule, all waters open to fishing are open to fishing 24 hours a day. All lines must be under the immediate supervision of the person who set them (Open Water Fishing - Title 12, §12652, Ice Fishing - Title 12, §12659-A).

How much is the fine for fishing without a license in Maine? ›

Each day a person violates this subsection, that person commits a Class E crime for which a minimum fine of $50 and an amount equal to twice the applicable license fee must be imposed.

How old do you have to be to get a lifetime fishing license in Maine? ›

Resident Lifetime License Inland Fisheries & Wildlife 284 State St., 41 SHS Augusta, Maine 04333-0041 Lifetime licenses for hunting, fishing, trapping and archery are now available to residents of Maine who are 65 years of age or older or who are 15 years of age or younger.

How much do Maine lobstermen make? ›

Salary and Education

Salaries range from $24,130 to $58,470. No formal education is required to become a lobster fisherman. Professionals learn the necessary skills from on-the-job training.

Is there a size limit on lobsters in Maine? ›

In Maine it is illegal to keep lobsters under and over a certain size. Lobstermen use a special gauge to accurately measure the length of the lobster's carapace (body)–from the eye socket to the beginning of the tail to ensure legal compliance. The legal minimum length is 3 1/4 inches.

How much does a lobster trap cost in Maine? ›

It costs about $4,000 per trap, several times more than a traditional lobster trap, which is usually $80-180.

Can you fish off the beach in Maine? ›

Surf casting - fishing from beaches, rocks, and piers – is popular throughout coastal Maine. It's also one of the easiest ways for visitors to check out saltwater fishing in the state. Surf casters reel in species including tasty mackerel, hard-fighting striped bass and toothy bluefish.

Do I need a license to fish for striped bass in Maine? ›

Do you need a license to fish in Maine? All people that go saltwater fishing in Maine are required to have a Maine Saltwater fishing license.

Can I use a Massachusetts saltwater fishing license in Maine? ›

reciprocity with Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut: If you buy a MA license, you are good to fish in all New England Coastal Waters. Check the local fishing regulations in each state. Maine in particular has specific rules on allowable hooks, etc.

What is the best time to catch lobster? ›

Lobsters are harvested year-round in Maine and New Hampshire. However, the majority are caught between late June and late December when the lobsters are the most active. Lobsters are also harvested during the winter and early spring months, but in smaller quantities.

What is a lobster fisherman called? ›

Lobsterman or Harvester: A lobsterman (and most women prefer to be called lobstermen) is a man or woman who actually holds a commercial license and fishes for (or harvests) lobster. Inshore lobstermen set and haul traps or trawls (two or more traps attached to each other with rope).

How deep are lobster traps set? ›

The funnels are about 11 or 12 inches deep, and therefore extend about halfway to the center of the pot. They taper rapidly and form a strongly inclined plane, up which the lobsters must climb in their search for the bait.

Can female lobsters be caught? ›

Recreational Fishing Regulations

All female lobsters with eggs are also prohibited in both the commercial and recreational fisheries.

What is the biggest lobster ever recorded? ›

The world's largest recorded lobster was a 44-pounder (20-kg) caught off Nova Scotia in 1977, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Maine lobstermen hauled in a record 100 million pounds (45.4 tonnes) of lobsters last year, due in part to overfishing of predators such as haddock, cod and monkfish.

Why do lobstermen go out early? ›

You have to be an early riser in order to make it in the lobstering industry, as the sea never sleeps in. Many lobstermen are already out on the water by 4 am, able to watch the sun come up over the waves of the Atlantic.

How many fishing poles are you allowed in Maine? ›

In Maine, you can fish with 2 rods when the water isn't frozen. You can use up to 5 rods when ice fishing. In Maryland, you can fish with up to 3 rods. It is legal to fish with 2 rods in Massachusetts.

Are treble hooks legal in Maine? ›

A treble hook with three points is still considered one hook by legal definition in Maine. There are some places that specify single pointed hooks. Otherwise yes you can put bait on a treble hook (with waxworms I put one on every point), but only one if the lure has more than one hook.

Can you fish with worms in Maine? ›

Use or possession of live fish as bait is PROHIBITED. The use of all other legal forms of bait (including worms and dead baitfish/smelts), artificial lures, and artificial flies is PERMITTED. Use of all legal forms of bait (including live baitfish/smelts), artificial lures, and artificial flies is PERMITTED.

Can I fish in Maine with a Massachusetts fishing license? ›

These agreements allow MA recreational saltwater permit holders to recreationally fish in NH, RI, CT, and ME.

Can I fish in Maine with a NH license? ›

Yes. The exception is that if you hold a NH Recreational Saltwater Fishing License, you may legally fish in all coastal and estuarine waters of Massachusetts and Maine. If you are visiting another state, you will have to purchase their saltwater license.

How long is a Maine fishing license good for? ›

You can purchase a 15-day, 7-day, 3-day, or 1-day fishing license. All Maine fishing licenses expire on December 31 of the calendar year for which they were issued.

What is a superpack license Maine? ›

Super Pack License

This license, available to Maine residents only, permits an eligible person to hunt and fish for all legal game and fish species, subject to all of the laws governing fishing hunting, and archery.

How do you get a trapping license in Maine? ›

Trapping License Requirements

A person buying a trapping license for the first time must purchase it through the MDIFW office in Augusta via mail or in person, click here for a trapping license application (PDF). Beginning in 2021, trapping license renewals including bear permits can be purchased online.

How do I become a Maine resident? ›

Proving Maine Residency
  1. Recent Maine Driver's License with a physical address.
  2. Maine Vehicle Registration or other credential.
  3. Utility Bill - electric bill, water/sewer bill, cell phone bill, etc.
  4. Maine Resident Hunting and or Fishing License.

Do lobstermen make a lot of money? ›

Lobstermen can make anywhere between $24,130 and $58,470 US dollars a year in salary.

Do lobstermen work all year? ›

Although some lobstermen fish year-round, the annual period of time when lobsters shed their old shell and grow into their new shell is considered “peak season” in Maine.

Do Lobster Fishermen make good money? ›

The salaries of Lobster Fishermen in the US range from $18,760 to $46,390 , with a median salary of $26,866 . The middle 50% of Lobster Fishermen makes between $24,273 and $26,816, with the top 83% making $46,390.

How old is a 20 pound lobster? ›

George weighed 20 pounds (9.1 kg), and has an estimated age of 140 years.
George (lobster)
BreedAmerican lobster
Known forold age
Weight20 lb (9.1 kg)
2 more rows

Why do crabs have to be cooked alive? ›

According to an article in Science Focus (online), when crustaceans die, the dangerous, harmful bacteria found in and on their bodies and shells can multiply quickly, releasing toxins from crab meat that may not be destroyed simply by cooking. This is used as the rationale behind cooking them alive.

Can you keep a female lobster in Maine? ›

To further protect the population, females caught with eggs are given a v-notch on their tails. This notch doesn't harm them, but it lets other fishers know that the specimen in question is a fertile breeder. The female then cannot be legally caught.

What is the best bait for lobster? ›

Salted Herring is the prefered bait fish used by lobstermen to lure and trap lobsters. When there is a Herring shortage, bait prices increase, impacting the lobstermen's bottom line. Bluefish, Cod, Mackerel, and Menhaden (known as Pogeys) are also used as bait.

How many lobsters fit in a trap? ›

In the good fall fishing, you can catch as many as ten to twelve lobsters in a single trap. How often do you haul your traps? A lobsterman will usually haul each of his traps at least once a week, often several times a week. In peak fishing, some fishermen haul their traps every day.

How long do you leave lobster pots? ›

Pots are baited to attract both crab and lobster and then left for a period of time known as the 'soak time' which can be from 24 hours to 5 days.

Where is the best fishing in Maine? ›

Maine Fishing Guide
  • Fish River/Northern Aroostook Region.
  • Katahdin Region.
  • Moosehead Region.
  • Rangeley Lakes Region.
  • Southern Maine/Sebago Lake Region.
  • Upper Kennebec River Valley/Jackman Region.
  • Western Maine/Androscoggin Valley Region.
  • Central Maine/Belgrade Lakes Region.

How long are stripers in Maine? ›

Currently, to keep a fish, it must be between 28 and 35 inches. Anglers may only keep one fish per day.

Can you keep landlocked salmon in Maine? ›

S-22: Daily bag limit on landlocked salmon: 1 fish. S-25: Daily bag limit on togue: 1 fish. S-26: Daily bag limit on togue: 3 fish; minimum length limit: 14 inches, only 1 may exceed 18 inches. S-33: Maximum length on landlocked salmon and brown trout: 25 inches.

Can you fish on private property without a license in Maine? ›

Private property anglers do need a license when fishing for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or halibut. Maine too allows anglers to fish from their land in public waters without a fishing license but only if the property is used for “agricultural purposes”.

What size stripers can you keep in in Maine? ›

Currently the state daily bag limit allows recreational fishermen to keep one striped bass 20 to 26 inches in length or one greater than 40 inches. There is no commercial striped bass fishery in Maine.

Can you keep catfish in Maine? ›

With all the cold water in Maine, it doesn't make a good home for most catfish. You can find catfish in some private ponds and in the river systems, like the Kennebec River but the only serious populations of catfish are in a few major lakes like Damariscotta Lake, Flagstaff Lake, Graham Lake and Sebago Lake.

Do you need a fishing Licence to fish in the ocean in Maine? ›

Requirements. A person is required to Register with the state of Maine annually in order to engage in recreational saltwater fishing unless that person meets one of the following exemptions.

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Massachusetts? ›

If you are 15 years of age or older, you need a license to fish. Licenses are FREE for Massachusetts residents 15-17 years of age, and those 70 and over. You can get your license online using MassFishHunt.

Do you need license to fish in ocean? ›

The short answer to this question is no – sea fishing does not require a licence.

How do you become a lobster fisherman in Maine? ›

In order to obtain a Maine lobster license, prospective business owners must first work as an apprentice on a lobster boat for at least two years. They can only apply for a license after a captain endorses them, and the waiting list for licenses is lengthy. Applicants wait years, and at times even decades.

How much is a shellfish license in Maine? ›

Recreational Licenses

Recreational Shellfish Licenses are available to residents and nonresidents. The license is good for a one-year period beginning the first Monday in April. The resident license cost is $50, but free for those 62 years of age and older.

How much is a Maine State Clam license? ›

Children age 12 or younger do not need a license to assist a recreational shellfish license holder. Shellfishing flats may be closed from time to time. Fees: Residents, $30; residents age 65 to 70, $10; non-residents, $60; on-residents age 65 to 70, $20; one-day only license, $15. Shellfishers over age 70, free.

What is a superpack license Maine? ›

Super Pack License

This license, available to Maine residents only, permits an eligible person to hunt and fish for all legal game and fish species, subject to all of the laws governing fishing hunting, and archery.

How much does a lobster fisherman make in Maine? ›

The middle 50% of Lobster Fishermen makes between $24,273 and $26,816, with the top 83% making $46,390. Is being a lobsterman hard work? Catching lobster is hard work.

What is the best bait for lobster? ›

Salted Herring is the prefered bait fish used by lobstermen to lure and trap lobsters. When there is a Herring shortage, bait prices increase, impacting the lobstermen's bottom line. Bluefish, Cod, Mackerel, and Menhaden (known as Pogeys) are also used as bait.

Is working on a lobster boat hard? ›

The Bad: it's nearly around-the-clock, demanding physical labor—hauling traps out of the water, removing the lobsters, cutting up bait fish with huge knives on rolling waves. After 20 hours there's a four-hour break—sometimes.

Is it legal to pick mussels in Maine? ›

Wild mussels can be harvested all year, but most fishing is in the winter when the quality of the meat is best. They are taken by hand with a rake or from a boat with a drag. A license is required from the Department of Marine resources to harvest mussels by either method.

Is it legal to dig for clams in Maine? ›

You can recreationally harvest one peck, or eight quarts, of clams every day. And just like with fishing and lobstering, there are legal size limits to abide by: The minimum size for soft-shell clams is a shell two inches long. Quahogs, or hard-shell clams, must be one inch thick.

Do I need a license to dig clams in Maine? ›

Digging for clams is easy…

Anywhere in Maine you need a license from the town hall and someone to tell you where the local flats are open.

Can you dig clams in Bar Harbor Maine? ›

It is unlawful to dig or take shellfish from flats located in Bar Harbor without a shellfish license issued by the town.

Where is the best place to dig for clams? ›

They tend to congregate along the shorelines, so I like to look for them in areas from the low-tide mark out to about 4 feet deep (at low tide). Pay attention to the seafloor as you are looking. Once you start finding clams, take note of the bottom type, and look for other similar areas.

Can I fish in Maine with a Massachusetts fishing license? ›

These agreements allow MA recreational saltwater permit holders to recreationally fish in NH, RI, CT, and ME.

Can a felon hunt in Maine? ›

The federal firearms laws, enacted under the Gun Control Act of 1968, make the following individuals ineligible to possess firearms: Any person convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor. Any fugitives from justice. Any illegal drug users, including marijuana users.

Can you shoot multiple deer in Maine? ›

Multiple deer may be taken during the expanded archery season, as a result of receiving an antlerless deer permit(s), or due to having purchased a Super Pack Antlerless Deer Permit. Otherwise, one deer may be taken during any one of the remaining seasons (with appropriate licenses or permits).

How much is a super pack license in Maine? ›

The fee for a super pack license is $201 for residents and $176 for a person holding 2 or more lifetime licenses.


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